In the web environment, we are are often facing a problem, how to display data, which are not suited for direct visualization (for example large GeoTIFF files). Proxy4OWS tries to overcome this problem. It generates OGC WMS service from OGC WCS, WFS or even from another WMS on-the-fly. This generated WMS can be then consumed by any WMS client easy.

Reason for this is, wen so display large vector data (produced by WFS servers), large raster GeoTIFFs (produced by WCS servers) and data, services, which coordinate reference system does not correspond with client’s coordinate reference system (in case of some WMS servers).

It is written in python, using standard MapServer and GDAL components.


Sequence diagram of proxy4ows shows the negotiation between the client, proxy4ows middleware and the target server.

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