HSProxy is Python script, which enables calls from the map application to various remote servers, for example to WMS server, which is (for security reasons) not possible to do directly. For this purpose, little server-side proxy script needs to be setup, which performs this remote-call operations.


  • deals as proxy for Ajax calls from JavaScript to various remote servers (used for Query, WMS, ...).
  • It also converts mimetypes headers of comming XMLs, to text/xml, so that browsers can read it and parse them easy. Often it is the case, that for examples WMS Capabilities document, which is returned by the server has different header, which is not recognized by the web browser as simple XML file, and parsing is than very difficult.
  • Converts coming files from various encodings to UTF-8, to make sure, every response from the server, using various encodings, is displayed correctly in the map.

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