HSLayers contains complex OGC OWS client, which is capable to work with OGC WMS data directly, with OGC WFS and OGC WCS via server-side script Proxy4ows.

HSLayers do contain mechanism, how to read parameters from URL directly, so that application can start with OWS Client opened and Capabilities document parsed.


HSLayers.OWS - Open Web Services client

Working with OWS Client is straight forward - user gives the URL, where the service is running and type of the service (usually OWS). After capabilities are loaded, form with service parameters is displayed (image format, query format, etc.) together with layer tree, where several layers can be checked. Service metadata (service provider, abstract, title, etc.) are displayed in separate tab.

After that, layers can be add to map.

When user wants to display some on-line available files, such as GeoRSS, GML, KML or similar, she just need to specify the URL and file format. After that, user is requested for the layer name and it is added the to map as well.


Video demonstrating features of OWS client (in this case WMS).

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