HSLayers.MapPanel is container for the map. The map usually interacts with the user through mouse gestures, so it zooms in/out, pans etc. There usually is graphical tool for setting the desired region - bar for panning and zooming. Several other tools, which do enable the interaction with the map are available too, namely zoom history, measuring of lines and areas, tool for querying the layers and other custom tools. Tools for working with the map content, such as saving/restoring web map content (WMC) files, printing the map content or generating the permanent link for current map state are available too.

MapPanel contains various map layers, it enables to the user to work with the map (zooming, panning, ...). Zoom bar together with overview map are available.

Tools for direct interaction with the map are available too, such as navigation, navigation history, measuring, querying and others.

The top toolbar and bottom toolbar are used for other informative tools, or tools for working more with the map content, than in the map itself. We can see buttons for saving and restoring OGC WMC files, printing, permanent link generator, scale, mouse position and copyright informations.

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