Layer SwitcherΒΆ

With LayerSwitcher, user can change visibility of available layers, change their order in the layer stack, set transparency and other features and use shortcut links to layer metadata or remove them from the map.


This youtube video represents functionalities of the layerswitcher and explains differences of the logical/physical view.

LayerSwitcher is one of the most complex components of HSLayers. We do introduce two different views at the layer stack: the physical structure and the logical structure.


Logical structure

Represents the view on the application, where layers are organized into groups (or folders) according to some user-defined logic. Layers can be sorted into folders according to their original service, or based on their content
Physical structure
Corresponds with the layer stack, how it is displayed in the map. User can change layer order (using drag & drop) etc.

LayerSwitcher is able to display also legend to all layers, perform user searches in the layer stack, display basic informations and settings in the layer menu (such as abstract, scale range, title, ...). User can move the layer, drop the layer or change layer’s name.

There is also basic work done, on WFS filtering, SLD defining, transparency settings etc. User can use several shortcut links to layer’s metadata, copyright informations and others.

The Layerswitcher also uses 3-state checkbox. Every folder checkbox has three states - on (all layers within the folder are visible), off (everything is invisible) and custom.

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