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This text tries to be as much as up-to-date, and has been build at June 10, 2013.

HSLayers is yet another OpenLayers & ExtJS based mapping framework. It’s development has been started in 2007 and is still provided mainly by Help Service - Remote Sensing. HSLayers is released under GNU/GPL. Currently, 3.0 development branch is the actual.


Ilustration of relation between ExtJS and OpenLayers libraries inside of HSLayers.

OpenLayers are used for their capabilities of geodata visualization, such as raster maps (JPEG, PNG, ...), web services (OGC WMS, OGC WFS, ...), various vector formats (KML, GML, GeoRSS, ...), proprietary formats (Google maps, OpenStreetMap, ...), working with projections and great user experience with the map.

ExtJS was used because of it’s well design and source code structure, which enables to create various elements of UI (panels, tree structures, grids, forms), in a very simple and fast way.

HSLayers are designed as set of basic stones and components, which can be put together and custom application can be build. We provide such top all-including class, which incorporates nearly all features of HSLayers: MapPortal.


MapPortal incorporates nearly all components from HSLayers. In the center region is the map with pan/zoom, tools for working with WMC compositions, overview map, measuring functions etc. On the right side is a panel, where other tools can be docked, such as layer switcher, info panel, printing configuration and others.

HSLayers.MapPortal is build from basic components, such as HSLayers.MapPanel, HSLayers.LayerSwitcher, HSLayers.InfoPanel, HSLayers.Permalink, HSLayers.Control.UserGraphics and many others.

Some of the most important components will be described in following sections.

Server-side scripts

Although HSLayers can be considered as pure JavaScript library, it is designed to work with several server-side components (scripts), which are enabling more advanced features, such as

  • warping script for on-the-fly raster data projection
  • printing script for creating hard-copy maps
  • ability to work with OGC WCS and WFS services
  • session management
  • OGC WMC handling

and others.

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