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HSLayers is yet another OpenLayers & ExtJS based mapping framework. It’s development has been started in 2007 and is still provided mainly by Help Service - Remote Sensing. HSLayers is released under GNU/GPL. Currently, 3.0 development branch is the actual.

  • HSLayers is JavaScript library, which consists out of several components, which are either derived from ExtJS or OpenLayers classes.

  • Directory structure respects the structure of OpenLayers (Control, Layer, Format etc.).

  • Although HSLayers is Client-based library, several server-side components are needed:

    Basic helper scripts those scripts are needed for basic HSLayers funcionality, for communication with remote servers, for storing some temporary data etc.:

Advanced server-side scripts for advanced topics (WPS, Printing, Editing, ...)

In order to be able to work with HSLayers, you should have basics in OpenLayers and ExtJS libraries.

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