HSLayers.LayerSwitcher is advanced layerswitcher for OpenLayers. Basic features are following:

Working example

Layers can have following attributes:

  • Title
  • Path
LayerSwitcher indicates if the layer is visible within current scale
Groups of layers, which is not possible to see, are gray
Opacity settings
You can set opacity
Support for time-enabled WMS
You can set time
legendURL, source, metadataURL

HSLayers addes new attributes to OpenLayers.Layer, namely

OpenLayers.Layer.legendURL – displays legend in the switcher

OpenLayers.Layer.source – creates download link to original data source

OpenLayers.Layer.metadataURL – creates link to layer metadata in the switcher

User can change layer order
Using drag&drop
Logical view versus Hierarchy view
Two panels

Filtering function


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